French Private Tuition

For non native speakers

If you want a more personalized approach that is 100% tailored to your needs,  having your private French tutor is the perfect solution for you. With your own teacher, private tuition is the ideal option if you have specific needs and require a  strong customization and flexibility in your course. Your lessons take place at the schedule and location of your choice so that you benefit from the ideal education and learning conditions. 


You've never studied French before and want to start learning French in Singapore now? You studied a long time ago and are looking for a refresher course, or you have a specific objective that requires you to learn basic to advanced French? Whatever your needs, we can help you out.

Your French tutor will prepare a program following your learning objectives and will give you time to explore all the language as concepts and subtleties that you need to master. In class, you will also get intensive oral practice  for a faster progress and more confidence when conversing.  With your private teacher, you will work specifically on the French skills you wish to develop and progress at your own pace. French private tuition covers various objectives such as :

  • General topics such as culture, business, art, healthcare, etc.
  • Preparation for a job requiring French language skills (rehearsal of specific communication situations you may encounter in your field of activity).
  • French Examination preparation.
  • Travels and holidays preparation in French-speaking countries
  • Moving to a French-speaking country

French private tuition with qualified and native French speaking teachers

French private tuition with qualified and native French speaking teachers

Français Langue Maternelle

Français Langue Maternelle ou Français Langue Seconde at French Language Academy

For native children

For francophone children who don't have many opportunities to practise French outside home, we offer a 100% French-speaking environment so they can deepen their knowledge of the language while having fun.

The needs of francophone kids being very specific, we structure our French private tuition for native children on perfecting the following aspects :

  • Oral and/or written expression
  • Reading and pronunciation
  • Vocabulary broadening
  • French-speaking art and culture
  • French etiquette and society

We use games, songs and craft activities for younger children. For adolescents, we follow the French educational system syllabus for French language for them to be able to maintain the best level, pass their exams and be able to join the French school system if necessary.

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