Adult French Group Classes

From 16 years old

French Language Academy's adult French classes follow the recommendations of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), a standard reference internationally used for language learning.

Our program focuses on the communicative approach for you to develop and master the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our teachers will give you the keys to a solid knowledge of French language and a good understanding of the French-speaking world with cultural insights. Through our many interactive activities, you will learn French to talk about various concrete topics and hold a conversation easily.

By joining our adult French group classes, you will get:

  • A well-structured program delivered by experienced teachers.
  • A technical approach of contemporary French language and society: grammar, vocabulary, idioms and cultural insights.
  • A steady and efficient follow-up from your teacher:  all along the levels, you will keep many interactions with your teacher  for you to progress confidently within a small group of students.
  • Highly interactive classes with a focus on speaking exercises for you to build confidence and apply your knowledge in the lively atmosphere of our French language school.
  • A small-sized group class of homogeneous level for an efficient and friendly studying atmosphere.

French Group Classes for Adults at French Language Academy, Singapore

French Group Classes for Adults at French Language Academy, Singapore

Your textbook

Textbooks for French Group Classes for Adults at French Language Academy

Nouveau Taxi !

Students will quickly master many everyday life situations thanks to Le nouveau taxi!, a book designed to learn how to master the French language. Students will find :

– An active approach with oral and written activities to develop linguistic skills efficiently

– A theme for each unit to discover the French-speaking world, talk about personal experience and culture

– A rigorous yet fun observation of the language forms and structures

Multimedia support material with interactive grammar and vocabulary activities

– A grammar index, conjugation table, transcriptions and maps to understand the French language around the world.

20h Group Class at 290sgd + books at 60sgd