Adolescent French Group Classes

From 11 to 15 years old

For learners from 11 to 15 years old, we use the teenagers' abilities to learn and interact easily, in a fun and dynamic atmosphere. Our French language school encourages them to build confidence in spoken and provide them innovative learning methodologies.

Our lessons have a structured routine to feel at ease and confident to interact in French, with clear linguistic objectives involving reading and writing. The program offers a diversity of practical themes and projects to enhance socialization while having fun.

Through a wide range of interactive and educational games and songs, they will learn French vocabulary,  grammar, sentence constructions and cultural aspects. They will have realistic role-plays to encourage thinking and creativity when practising dialogues.

By joining our Teenager French group classes, the student will get:

  • A well-structured program delivered by experienced teachers.
  • A fun and lively learning atmosphere in a small-sized group of homogeneous level.
  • A steady and efficient follow-up from the teacher: The student will keep many interactions with the teacher for a smooth progress all along the levels.
  • An opportunity to gain confidence at speaking publicly: role-plays, debates, etc.
  • Two assessments per level in order to follow each student's progress.

French Group Classes for Teenagers at French Language Academy, Singapore

French Group Classes for Teenagers at French Language Academy, Singapore

Your textbook

Textbooks for French Group Classes for Teenagers at French Language Academy

Nouveau Pixel

Students will easily master French in everyday life situations thanks to Nouveau Pixel. Adolescents will have access to :

– An active approach with oral and written activities to develop linguistic skills efficiently

– Various units enabling to talk about family, friends, school and hobbies
– A rigorous yet fun observation of the language forms and structures

A cultural focus on the French-speaking world

– A grammar index, conjugation table and transcriptions to understand the French language from around the world.

20h Group Class at 290sgd + books at 60sgd