Our French language school

Qualified and experienced native French speaking teachers

Our experts have a strong background in the corporate and education worlds. They all are native French speakers with high levels of qualification and a solid international experience. Being used to teaching in an multicultural context, they give an insightful understanding of the French speaking countries

This is why French Language Academy offers group classes and private tuition customised just for your needs. We provide French language classes for all ages, designed to reach your French language learning goals.

In French private tuition or French group classes, learning French in Singapore is now easy with our passionate and dynamic teachers! As your French school, we will also invite you to our upcoming events reserved exclusively for our students. 

Why learning French is an asset !

La Francophonie (French-speaking countries) is a fascinating mix of cultures!  More than 220 million people speak French on the five continents. It is the second most widely learned language and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. The international organisation of French-speaking countries (OIF), has 77 member States and governments

French being an official language in over 29 countries around the world, if you learn French you will travel and interact with people of all the continents. It will also bring you a key added value on your resume and make it even more global, for you to work or study in a francophone country or international organisations (United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, etc) .