Children French Group Classes

From 6 to 10 years old

For young learners from 6 to 10 years old, we use the children's natural linguistic abilities to interact easily, in a fun and cheerful atmosphere.

Our lessons have a structured routine, making children feel at ease and confident to interact in French. In our French language school, we organize many stimulating language activities to develop their communication skills while playing.

Children can learn French through entertaining activities, so we offer language games with role-plays, songs, rhymes and crafts. This way,  children can learn, play and get to know other cultures at the same time.

By joining our Children French group classes, your child will get a solid education:

  • A fun and lively learning atmosphere with a small-sized group of homogeneous level.
  • An exciting program combining French language learning and creativity development : role-plays, drawings, crafts, games etc.
  • A steady and efficient follow-up from the teacher: your child will keep many interactions with the teacher for a smooth progress all along the levels.
  • Two assessments per level in order to follow each child's progress.

French Group Class for Children at French Language Academy, Singapore

French Group Class for Children at French Language Academy, Singapore

Your textbook

Textbooks for Children French Group Classes at French Language Academy


Zoom offers a fresh combination of graphical, pedagogical and cultural elements. It is original, effective and easy to use. Thanks to the high quality illustrations and the CD soundtrack, each unit will immerse the student in an audiovisual world.

– An original course, structured around high quality illustrations

Dynamic activities that will engage the students, and develop their linguistic skills while enjoying exercises

Concrete and simple tasks that can be done individually or in groups

Fun craft activities at the end of each unit

Intercultural activities to broaden students' understanding of the French-speaking world

20h Group Class at 290sgd + books at 60sgd